In addition to it's world class design and unique features here are even more reasons why the Canair 300 and 500/2 plan package is the right one for YOU!!!


You don't have to check the Tide Time Tables when your going out in your craft.

Watch others sitting High and Dry when the tide goes out, while you continue to have fun hovering over the sand and mud flats.

Watch other boaters slow down and stop at the waters edge as you hover over the Shallows then on Up the Beach.

Your safe season of hovering with your snowmobiling friends over Frozen Lakes and Rivers will start earlier and last much longer than theirs, BUT DON'T challenge them to follow you onto thin weak ice, or you might have to stick around to Rescue Them!

Small, Shallow Fast Flowing Rapids are not only fun to ride down like your friend in their inflatable rafts, but you can turn around and Return up River to do it all over again.


Don't just buy another ready made product like every one else, get the immense personal satisfaction of building your own hovercraft.

        • It's the Challenge
        • Pride of workmanship
        • Support and Encouragement of friends and family feeling of Accomplishment on the completion of your own craft.
        • Thrill of your first trial runs
        • Acquired Knowledge and Experience that can only be gained through personal involvement because "YOU DID IT ALL!"

Think that when you take your friends for a ride in your craft they will not only be thrilled at the new sensation of floating on air, but they will feel a sense of ENVY and ADMIRATION at your ACHIEVEMENT.


Why pay over $20,000.00 for a hovercraft when you can build your own for a third of that cost ?!?!

Although the Canair plan set is one of the most thorough design packages available today, it leaves a great deal of room for personal choices and customization. The choice of engine, engine enclosure, head lights, open or closed cockpit, and vehicle color scheme, are all up to you. The one thing guaranteed is that if the craft is built in accordance with the plan set, you will have a speedy versatile amphibious vehicle that will take to places other vehicles can not go.

Canair 300 Series (2 Seat Craft)Canair Plan PackageCanair 500/2 (4 Seat Craft)

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