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Please print this page, fill it out in full and send to the address at the bottom of this form. For us to process your order, please don't forget to included ALL requested info on this page and your money order, bank draft or certified cheque for the total amount made out to: TPD Designs

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Canair 300 Series (2 Seat Craft) Plan Package
$ 180.00 U.S.D.
Canair 500/2 (4 Seat Craft) Plan Package
$ 240.00 U.S.D.
Mini Lifter
$ 18.50 U.S.D.
Air Slider (Lifting Pallet)
$ 18.50 U.S.D.
Information Package
$ 25.00 U.S.D.

Shipping and handling is included in the price

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Copyright of the designs and drawings is the property of ACV Designs. The payment for the plans and specifications cover the royalty fee for the construction of ONE hovercraft only. The construction of any additional hovercraft without the written consent of the ACV Designs will constitute a breach of copyright as will the selling , lending, or copying by any means of any of these drawings or specifications.

ACV Designs agrees to make any necessary interpretations, clarification/correction of the drawings without additional payment. Any additional design work, consultation, or supervision or attendance's will be charged for at the current rate.

As ACV Designs has no control over the actual construction or use of the hovercraft, their responsibility shall end with provision of said plans and specifications.



This agreement should be signed and mailed along with the payment in full for all item requested. A copy of the agreement will be returned with the plan package(s).

Make your money order, bank draft or certified cheque out to: TPD Designs

Send this form and your payment to the address below:

ACV Designs
P.O. Box 1433,
British Columbia,

V4W 2V1

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