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This is a simple yet sophisticated craft. With a little 45hp engine this craft can carry up to 800 lbs. and attain speeds in excess of 40mph. With its multi-terrain, all season capability, it can leave other vehicles behind. You don't have to worry about weak or broken ice in a Canair 500/2. Using one fan to provide both lift and thrust, and aerodynamic rudders for steering, braking and reveres flight, give it outstanding control. Moving the seat, with all controls attached, back and forth, provides accurate pitch trim control. A central joystick allows single pilot or left and right pilot control. This same joystick provides variable lift air control for improved performance. This is an advanced craft that any skilled hobbyist can build and fly, impressing friends and foe. With its simple hull built from door skin plywood and pine framing, glued and nailed together, it has style. A durable fiberglass base for impact protection and its fiberglass fan duct, make it a strong, robust craft. You can Fly low and Fast in a Canair 500/2.

This is a direct descendant of Ultralightt Hovercraft Canair 300 series.

Canair 500/2



  • Single engine and ducted fan
  • For safety, ALL rotating systems are very well guarded
  • Simple yet efficient power transmission through tooth belt and pulleysLow noise level
  • Very low spray generated over water
  • Light weight, making it easy to man handleRequires only a small standard boat trailer
  • With the engine off, it can be loaded and unloaded onto a trailer by one person
  • Folding sides reduce craft width to four feet for easier towing and storage
  • Plenty of onboard storage is provided in the folding sides and behind the seats
  • Reserve buoyancy, great dynamic and static over water stability
  • Main hull independently buoyant and does not rely on side structures
  • Great aerodynamic control
  • The ability to reverse and maintain craft control
  • Lift air control to suit variable terrain conditions
  • ALL controls are operated via a single joy stick
  • Centeral joy stick for left or right handed pilots
  • Side by side seating
  • Pitch trim control is obtained by forward and backward movement of adjustable seat
  • Skirt insensitive to wear and tear
  • Skirt is easy to maintain with NO tools required
  • This craft will not damage delicate plant or animal life over which it hovers
  • Windshield offers protection from snow, bugs, etc.
  • Systems designed for ease of access to simplify maintainability


Check out some video of the Canair in action over snow, ice and water!
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Why pay over $20,000.00 for a hovercraft when you can build your own for a third of that cost ?!?!

Although the Canair plan set is one of the most thorough design packages available today, it leaves a great deal of room for personal choices and customization. The choice of engine, engine enclosure, head lights, open or closed cockpit, and vehicle color scheme, are all up to you. The one thing guaranteed is that if the craft is built in accordance with the plan set, you will have a speedy versatile amphibious vehicle that will take to places other vehicles can not go.

All you need to know to build your own two seat Canair 500/2 series is provided in the most comprehensive plan package, consisting of the following: Canair 300 Plan Package

  • 30 - 17"x 22" Detail drawings
  • 11 page Material List
  • 18 page Parts List
  • 10 - 8 1/2"x 22" Assembly Drawings
  • 52 page Construction Manual
This is an easy to read and follow package that will have you hovering in no time!




Canair 300 (2 seat craft)
Canair 500/2 (4 seat craft)
12 ft. 7 in. (3.84m)
16 ft. 4 in. (4.98m)
7 ft. 2 in. (2.18m)
7 ft. 2 in. (2.18m)
3 ft. 8 in. (1.12m)
3 ft. 8 in. (1.12m)
Width (side folded up):
4 ft. (1.22m)
4 ft. (1.22m)
Craft Empty - no fuel
400 lbs. (182 kg)
520 lbs. (237 kg)
Payload - normal over water [Depends on engine power] between
400/600 lbs. (182/273 kg)
650/800 lbs. (295/364 kg)


Canair 300 (2 seat craft)
Canair 500/2 (4 seat craft)
Solid - rocks, logs etc.
8 in. (200mm)
8 in. (200mm)
Waves - 12 to 16 ft. long
14 in. (350mm)
14 in. (350mm)
MAXIMUM SPEED : [Normal payload for range of engines and calm conditions]
Over - Water [Deep or shallow]
22/28 mph (35/45 kph)
25/30 mph (40/48 kph)
Land - [Hard flat surface]
30/35 mph (48/56 kph)
32/40 mph (51/64 kph)
Ice [Smooth and flat]
34/40 mph (55/64 kph)
38/45 mph (61/72 kph)
Snow [Flat light powder]
24/30 mph (38/48 kph)
28/34 mph (45/55 kph)
CLIMBING ABILITY: [Very dependent on engine power and payload]
Hard smooth surface - [From standing start]
5/5.7 degrees
4.9/5.2 degrees
Hard smooth surface - [Approaching incline at 15 mph ]
20 degrees [for 30 ft.] (9.1 m)
15 degrees [for 30 ft.] (9.1 m)
FUEL CONSUMPTION: [Very dependent on engine used] [Based on U.S. Gallons per hour (gph)]
Cruise speed
2.0 gph minimum (7.57 liters)
2.0 gph minimum (7.57 liters)
Top Speed
4.5 gph maximum (17.0 liters)
4.5 gph maximum (17.0 liters)
[Very dependent on engine, exhaust 
& intake muffler used]
Based on 75 ft. (23 m) radius - Between 82/95 DbA
Based on 75 ft. (23 m) radius - Between 82/95 DbA

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  • FOLDING SIDE STRUCTURE: This permits the Canairís normal operational width of 7 ft. 2in. to be simply and quickly reduced to 4 ft. for ease of towing and storage.
  • SIDE STRUCTURE STORAGE: By not using the side structures as the air duct supplying the cushion, allows them to be used as storage compartments.
  • SUPERIOR CONTROL: Not only is the Canairís aerodynamic controls superior to other small hovercraft, but this craft can stop while on full cushion and reverse under full control by the simple use of its rudders.
  • EFECTIVE PITCH TRIM CONTROL: Simple movement of the seat allows the pitch trim attitude of the Canair to be adjusted at any time while maintaining full control.
  • LOOP AND SEGMENT SKIRT: This provides a smooth ride, is less susceptible to skirt damage, keeps the skirt maintenance costs to a minimum and does not damage the terrain over which the craft operates.
  • HYDRODYNAMICALLY DESIGNED HULL: Provides for a very seaworthy craft that can make emergency stops at speed irrespective of craft angle of yaw, while maintaining excellent stability.

Plan Package Information

This plan package includes:

  • 30 - 17"x 22" Detail drawings
  • 11 page Material List
  • 18 page Parts List
  • 10 - 8 1/2"x 11" Assembly Drawings
  • 52 page Construction Manual

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Canair 300 Series Plan PackageCanair 300 Series Plan PackageCanair 300 Series Plan PackageCanair 300 Series Plan PackageCanair 300 Series Plan Package

All you need to know to build your own two seat Canair 500/2 series is provided in the most comprehensive plan package available on the market today!!!

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